Don’t Ask for the Business!

Don’t Ask for the Business!

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One of my clients was struggling with the concept of “asking for the business”. It seemed too hard sell. So I suggested she be in the mindset of “offering to help”.

Here are three options –

  1. Repeat the benefits – “Would you like to gain more clarity and have a success plan for the future?”
  2. Move to the next logical step – “May I send you a two-page proposal within two days?”
  3. Make an appointment (for the brave) – “How about we book a time in our calendars for next week. If everything’s fine with the proposal, we’ll be ready to go.”

Instead of asking for the business; offer to help or serve.

How do you gain a commitment from a prospect? Which of the above have you tried? What works best for you?

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“In business and life, you get what you want by giving people what they want. You commonly find out what they want by asking – and then listening.”

– Wicke Chambers & Spring Asher


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