How balanced is your marketing portfolio?

How balanced is your marketing portfolio?

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How many different investments do you have in your marketing portfolio?

First, draw a circle on a piece of paper. Then, divide it onto 8 slices. Write down one marketing investment in each slice. Here are some suggestions:

Monthly e-newsletter
Free seminars
Referral incentive program
E-mail signature
A Value Proposition
Success stories
Graphic design

Then, give yourself a score from 1 to 10 for how well each one is working for you (10 is the best). Add up your total and you have a score out of 80.

Which marketing investments are working well? What could use a little more effort? What’s missing?

Monthly inspiration

“It’s like your conscious mind is looking through a tiny little peephole, a little crack in the universe and whatever it sees through that peephole, it determines is reality. Whereas reality is 15 billion times bigger than what is revealed through that little peephole.”

– Joe Vitale, Inspired Marketing


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