3-month sales programs give you what you need for success.


Key benefits:

Ÿ– Save time by simplifying your sales efforts.
Gain confidence in your ability to sell.
Find clarity about what it is you’re actually selling.
 Enjoy some peace of mind around sales.
– Define your “ideal client” so you’ll attract better client experiences.
 Build trust in your selling strengths so you can leverage them in all your activities.

The sales secrets that you can expect to learn through our work together:

Build clarity and alleviate confusion about what you need to do to boost your business’ marketing and sales.

Ideal Client: Define your ideal client for your business, identify the key meaningful benefits of your product/service, and create the strategy and communication links needed to connect the two together.

Presentation skills: Learn how to be a much more powerful communicator every time you talk with people.

Networking skills: Learn how to choose the networking events that can boost your sales. Feel relaxed and confident in your networking.

Raise your awareness to become highly attuned to: first, your strengths as a seller and the advantages of your product/service from a customer’s point of view; second, the life, problems and desires of your prospects so that you can effectively communicate how you will meet their needs, solve their problems, remove their pain.

Innovative selling ideas: Receive new and creative ideas from me that will work strategically in selling your product/service.

Build your confidence in how to present your business each time you meet a prospect in order to attract clients and close a sale.

Reframe self-defeating thought patterns of “I wish I never hadto sell” or “I’m terrible at sales” into exciting conversations about offering to serve or help others.  You will be transformed from a sales naysayer to a proud deliverer of service!

Narrative selling skills: Learn how to create and tell powerful stories that compel prospects to choose your service.

Competitive analysis: Quickly establish who your direct competitors are and find your “unique selling proposition” to set your business apart from the crowd.

Business evaluation: For business start-ups, evaluate whether your product/service is market-driven (i.e. something people want to buy).  If redirection is needed, I am an excellent sounding board and resource for profitable ideas.

Create the right messages that sell. I give you the words that the prospect loves to hear by translating what you have to offer into what the prospect actually wants.  You will continue to receive help with your messages until you fully understand the power of the messages you’re sending out.

Gain life-long, transferable lessons. As a teacher, I don’t just do the work for you; I teach you how to do it.  You’ll be able to take the sales knowledge learned through our time together and apply it to all of your future business endeavours.

The program that we work on together is ultimately designed to bring you fast-forward movement and deep learning that sticks!

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Are you looking for a change of career?  Is the idea of making a career transition unclear or overwhelming for you?

I have found a way to apply everything I know about sales to the task of finding a job.  Contact me to get started on creating a personal plan for you towards scoring your ideal job.