Marketing from the Heart – for joy and profit

Marketing from the Heart – for joy and profit

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If you’d like to attract and keep more of the right clients, there’s no better way than “Marketing from the Heart. To me this means three things.

  1. You have a passion for your product or service.
  2. You understand and empathize with the heartfelt needs of your ideal clients.
  3. You have a sincere desire for these ideal clients to experience all the benefits of your product or service.

Ideal clients buy from you based on their emotional response to your offer, their gut feeling about the possibility of a business relationship with you, and their sense of trust in your product or service.

Do you love your offerings? Do you love seeing your ideal clients enjoy the benefits of what you offer? Do you “market from the heart”?

Monthly inspiration

“When your marketing is infused with love… you tap into a reservoir of clear energy, magnetic energy, an energy of cosmic persuasion that you cannot reach any other way, and that your customers can’t help but find appealing.”

– The Heart of Marketing, Judith Serven & Jim Sniechowski


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