What’s your story?

What’s your story?

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Stories can be a powerful tool in your marketing and sales kit. People love stories. They are why we watch movies, plays, and TV programs; why we read books, the newspaper, or go online.

I teach my clients to write and tell compelling 30-second S.T.A.R. stories about how they have helped their clients.


Situation: Referrals had dried up for a senior management consultant.

Task: The task was to re-boot current referral sources and develop new ones.


  1. I gathered data on her top referral sources
  2. I identified promising new sources
  3. I coached my client on how to contact formerly reliable referral sources with benefit-laden messages and how to meet and nurture new referral sources with benefit-laden messages

Result: My client landed new business worth $50,000. In two months.

Do your new business conversations engage the prospect? Do they explain exactly what you do for your clients? Do they persuade a person to say “yes” to a proposal?

Monthly inspiration

“With a number of powerful S.T.A.R. stories in your back pocket, you can find the right one for any prospect conversation.”

– Bruce Harrott


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