You’re a small business owner who is doing well and wants to do better.

Do you find yourself asking one or more of these questions?
“How can I find more clients?”
“Who are my ideal clients?”
“Why do I always freeze up when someone asks, ‘What do you do?’”

If you’re a small business owner, you may have already experienced the challenges of learning the fundamental, but often inaccessible, secrets of successful marketing and sales that business giants can easily afford to leverage.

You may also be a small business owner who is frustrated at the lack of confidence and interest you have in marketing and sales – even though you understand that it’s a critical part of your business’ growth and success.

Many of the individuals I’ve worked with initially confess to shying away from this task to outright hating the idea of having to market their own business.  You are not alone!

I’m passionate about providing you with access to the critical insights, tools and strategies that I’ve accumulated through years of working with big companies, and that any sized business needs to know in order to attract more of the right customers.

I bring my sense of humour, excitement and passion for helping to simplify marketing and sales to each of my client’s experiences working with me.  By the end of our journey together, many of my clients have shared that not only did they gain a deep level of sales and marketing knowledge in a short amount of time, but they also had fun during the process!  Learn more about the benefits I can offer you here.